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good morning, everybody. top of the hour here. i'm t.j. holmes. a look at some of the stories we're keeping a close eye on. earl, not a hurricane anymore, but still causing a few fits. causing power outages, dangerous surf, as well, on the east coast. tropical storm bearing down on
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nova scotia. we'll have a live report in a moment. also in new zealand, they are taking stock after a powerful earthquake seeing damage to roads and buildings and also a couple of injuries. and an amazing story. a baby was born premature. the doctor said the baby wasn't going to make it, essentially clai declared the baby dead, but a mother's touch brings the baby around. we'll hear from the parents and also the stunned doctor coming up. maybe a sigh of relief after earl has kind of high tailed it out of here. the new england coast breathes a big sigh of relief as the storm blew by leaving much of the area unscathed. people trying to salvage hair weekend plans now. it rushed the floor never making landfall, still caused a few problem, also rip currents we need to be keeping an eye out
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for along the east coast. power outages from the storm have been relatively few. and the impact on air travel seems minimal, as well. with major northeast airports reporting few delays. the same could be said for passenger train service in the northeast. amtrak resuming normal schedules early this morning. our team is covering the storm. that team includes susan candiotti who is at cape cod for us. but first let's touch base with reynolds wolf. nobody said it was going to be devastating. the potential was there, but we cover it like we have to cover it and thank goodness it it was a dud. >> let's show you what's been happening. we've gone from the dark situation where this was a powerhouse, the biggest store on the planet. we're talking category 4. it was just a really huge saw blade spinning through the atmosphere right along the outer banks. now it is only a tropical storm and you see the winds there at 70 miles per hour, gusts have been a bit stronger, but the wig danger this thing poses is
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really not the winds but the strong waves that emanate from the center of circulation. that massive amount of water that's going to be pushed toward the coastline is one of the things that can create rip currents up and down the sea from -- the coastline from, say, all the way in maine clear south to florida. so that will be an issue for a lot of people through the rest of the weekend. as this storm continues to march to the northeast, it should continue that pattern. the latest path shows it moving right past the bay of fundi, maximum sus aned winds of 60 miles per hour. but takes moves over some water that will be cold, we're expecting this thing just to continue to weaken and i would say by tomorrow perhaps even by earlier than that, this thing may die out all together. so that is the good news. bad news again rip currents, that will be a huge issue for a lot of people. we'll talk more about that, plus your holiday forecast. it will look good, but there will still be some of those hidden dangers in the water.
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back to you, t.j. >> we appreciate you, as always. thanks so much. and the storm not expect to go cause a great deal of damage takes bloas it blows past the canadian maritime. but thousands are without power right now in nova scotia. air travel has pretty pretty much slowed to a stand still at the city's enter international airport. camp grounds and beaches closed. resorts also reported cancellations. at the same time, on cape cod, maybe labor day can be spared. susan candiotti is there for us. susan, they were hunkering down preparing for a storm. now are they preparing for the holiday weekend? >> reporter: you better believe they are. the national hurricane forecasters were right on the money. tropical storm earl skirted the coastline, stayed away from nantucket. yes, there were some high winds
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and rain, up to six inches, four inches on in nantucket island. and wind gusts in yarmouth of 58 miles per hour, but look at it now, it's a beautiful day in the beach. yes, it's windy and you have to watch out for the rip currents, but the governor has lifted the state of emergency. in fact, congratulating the citizens and the visitors here who took to heart his request for them to if they were able to stay inside their hopes and not evacuate to shelters unless they were vulnerable, unless they really felt the need to do so. in fact that's what they did, so he said that helped clear the roads keep them open in case nnlg vehicles needed to use them. but now of course you have the sunny weather as you said to try to salvage that labor day weekend. that's what this family did. they're from north of boston. h is sam and sam jr. the thing about them, is that they came right before the
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storm. they arrived at the hotel yesterday. how come you didn't wait until the storm was over? >> we were just watching the weather forecast and it hooked like it was going to miss this part of the cape, so we decided to come on down. if we lost one friday night, at least we had saturday morning right when the sun came up. >> reporter: and sam jr., what do you plan to do with the rest of the day? >> have fun. >> reporter: i think you'll do that. what did you think of the wind and the rain last night? >> it was pretty cool. >> reporter: it was pretty cool. and thankfully it didn't do any damage. they didn't even have to send damage assessment teams out throughout the state as they originally thought they would have to do. and so now it's just a matter of trying to recover what they can, hotel owners trying to get back back in here today, tomorrow and at least labor day what's left of it. back to you. >> and it appears there's plenty still left after the storm got out of there. susan, we appreciate you as always. and stay right here with cnn as we continue to cover what's left of this tropical storm. live reports and of course our
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reynold wolf and our team of meteorologist keeping an eye on the storm and all things weather related for you. turn now to new zealand under a state of emergency following a powerful earthquake, magnitude 7.0. it hit before dawn. was about 35 miles from christchurch. this is the second most populated city this new zealand. some injuries to report, but no deaths. earlier i talked to melissa stokeses from our affiliate. >> reporter: certainly some extremely close calls around the city. we've heard from people where they just managed to that leap out of buildings and get under a doorway. so there was extremely close calls in clusters of the city, but only i think two people with serious injuries in hospital. so there are people around here that are just so surprised that this has happened. >> what are some of the immediate needs right now? are a lot of people frankly out
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of their homes or out in the streets? what's the response now from the government? >> reporter: i think a lot of people will be at home. they've been told tonight that they need to check out the structure all damage of their house and if they think that it has been damaged, they need to get into a welfare center. the government has announced a state of emergency. the big problems are the water lines, they have boost h. burst in areas. people have been told if they can get water, this immediate to boil it or conserve the water. so a lot of the damage on the outside. only 120 buildings have been confirmed damaged. that's expected to rise. and also under the city with the sewage systems and water lines. so a lot of work to come, but the weather won't help the problem. it could push over already
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fran fragile buildings. and if any rainwater could get into the water lines, things could be quite dicey there. >> and last thing here, still dealing with aftershocks? >> reporter: the city where i am is locked down. i got dropped outside just about 300 meters away, got told by the police officer to walk down the middle of the road just in case there was another quake. very eerie feeling to be here. this is a saturday night. the streets outside us would normally be heavy with traffic, but things are very quiet and as people have been warned, there could be after shocks oig for some time yet, so still anxious people here. >> new zealand prime minister headed to christchurch to assess the damage for himself. a story we'll be bringing you here in a moment about a tiny new born that didn't seem to have a chance of surviving until something happened. the mother treated the baby in a way that theres couldn't really.
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we said his name was going to be jamie and he turned around with him already lost up and said jamie didn't make him, we lost it. >> i was just can he have investigation at a time devastated. it was quite a shock for both of us. >> the worst feeling i've ever felt. >> well, doctors in australia say they are just dumb founded right now, but still they're celebrating. a medical an normality. a newborn blaewborn given up fo until he touched his mother for the first time. >> we call him miracle. never heard of anything like that happening before. >> this is possible, what if he survives through this, miracles do happen. >> reporter: this is jamie, a
11:14 am
tired little boy born at just 27 weeks. weighing just one kilo. always boy who has defied all medical odds, his survival can only be described as a miracle. he should be dead. in fact, the doctor who delivered him pronounced him dead. >> maybe he knew how much we wanted him for a long time. >> reporter: how lucky do you feel? >> very lucky that we've got both of them. >> reporter: the 25th of march this year was both the best and worst day of kate and david's lives. the day their eagerly a it with aed twins, jamie and his baby sister, emily, were born. >> three days of labor and all of a sudden they were there and i knew i wouldn't be able to hold them because they were so small. >> the joy that we held when they told us that it was a little boy, i wanted to throw cart wheels. >> reporter: but within minutes, the family's joy turned to
11:15 am
sorrow. when they learned baby jamie was struggling to breathe. for 20 minutes, a team of doctors tried desperately to resuscitate him, but jamie just didn't respond. >> he it turned to look at me while his hands were still on the bed and he said have you chosen a name for your son. and we said his name is going to be jamie and he turned around with him already wrapped up and said he lost him. and my mouth fell open. >> i was devastated. that's probably the best way to describe it. it was quite a shock for both of us. >> it's the worst feeling i've ever felt. >> reporter: overwhelmed with grief, kate and david were given jamie for a kuld to hold and say good-bye to the son they believed was dead. it's normal practice. but what happened was far, far from normal. >> i unwrapped him from his blanket and he was very limp. feels like you're going to drop
11:16 am
him, and i arranged h him to my chest with his head over my heart. >> reporter: although jamie had to visible signs of life, he was occasionally gasping for air. a reflex the doctor had told the new parents to expect. so with the support of a midwife and kate's mother, the couple did everything they can to sooth jamie in his last minutes. >> and almost as soon as the last person left the room, he startled, which was the first movement i felt of his arms and legs. he started gasping more regularly and i'm like, oh, my god, what's going on. and then a short time later, he opened his eyes. >> when i came back in, she said, mom, something's not right. he's still alive. and he put his finger up and grabbed her hand. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine the sort of turmoil david and kate must have been feeling. were jamie's actions real or
11:17 am
were they just struggling to let go? unbelievably, this went on for two hours. they did call for his doctor twice. both times he sent the midwife back telling them jamie's actions were just natural reflexes. there was no possible way he could still be alive. >> i remember looking and going what if he lives. >> and we were both giggling like kids, like he might live. like we could be the luckiest people ever. >> reporter: this this video taken by a midwife clearly shows jamie's movements. but still there were doubts. so in one last ditch attempt, kate gave baby jamie some breast milk on her finger. to her amazement, he took it. the doctor returned. >> took him, laid him down on the bed and he told the thursday go get me a stethoscope. and he listened and he just kept shaking his head and moving it around, i don't believe it, i don't believe it. >> i saw the look on katie's
11:18 am
face and it was -- could you not get the smile off her face. it was just incredible. she looked beautiful. she looked absolutely beautiful. >> in this little person's body, this little person's capacity to survive those two hours was amazing. it was and could seem to be a miracle. we must wait and see what happens as the months pass. >> reporter: studies have shown the incredible benefits of skin to skin contact or kangaroo care as it's known. a simple cuddle may act as a natural pain killer. but this medical expert says most premature babies need immediate medical intervention, so this h s is a highly unusual case. >> isn't it interesting that the mother's warmth, the effort that she had up to that period of time, was passing through to the child. that's pretty amazing. i can't explain it.
11:19 am
but maybe it's part and parcel of how that child survived. >> reporter: it is hard to explain how this medical miracle happened. and we did try to talk to the doctors involved, but they ignored our repeated attempts. just the same way they ignored kate and her pleas that little jamie had come back to life. >> luckily and i have got a very as a matter of fact, very strong wife who instinctively did what she did. if she hadn't done that, i believe jamie probably wouldn't be here. >> let's give you now the official statement from the doctors this sydney. quoting here, the staff at the liverpool hospital is very hasn't for the ocht gg family. premature babies are extremely vulnerable and it's not always known why some babies survive in difficult circumstance while others do not. it is important for parents to understand that while there are other cases such as this one, they are rare. well, all of us are trying to
11:20 am
understand exactly what happened. and after the break, we'll talk to a specialist who shares his insights and possibly tries to help us understand this kangaroo care. 19 past the hour. [ male announcer ] where are people with moderate to severe
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i remember looking at you and going what if he lives? and we were both giggling like kids. like he might live, like we could be the luckiest people ever. >> we were just talking about a short timing a go before the break a baby born prematurely in australia who died and seemingly came back to life when he felt his mother's skin. that skin to skin contact between babies and mothers is called kangaroo care.
11:24 am
and earlier today, i spoke by phone with a specialist in neonatal medicine. can you tell us, first of all, just what you know of this case? is there a good chance the doctors just made a mistake, the child was never really dead, or is it possible the child was actually dead and came back to life, if you will? >> t.j., i think it's an interesting sort of dance so semantics of definition. basically it's an absence of the heart rate. the resilience of the human body is extraaordinarextraordinary. >> would that have happened, sir, without this so-called kangaroo care? this child would have just been set aside and placed somewhere on its own, was there less of a chance that the child and the heart rate and things would have bounced back like that?
11:25 am
>> the 27th, 28th week gestation, that's around -- 40 weeks is term, so it's 13 weeks premature. so that's quite practice premature. kangaroo care provides warmth. one of the most important stimulus to breathe is warmth and second stimulus would be having handling. so touching the child, holding the child, the gentle breathing of the mother would cause this baby to get stimulated, warmth, and the handling would release even ev to sustain life. >> how helpful can it be? i know this was a rare case, but how help iffful can it be?
11:26 am
>> it's something that's been recognized perhaps for the last 20 years where the energy requirements for the baby and the nutrient requirements and use of calories for growth have actually been improved by this method. it has two basic achievements. one has to do as we say for the baby's ability to grow and the second is the bonding between that child and it mother. historically babies born so premature would have been kept in incubators and not handled and not touched. with the intro duduction of kangaroo care, everyone if the child on the incubatoincubator, bed a dammed ed tmed adapted care of the baby. >> five months old and doing just fine. we'll give you a look now at some of the stories making
11:27 am
headlines. canada's atlantic provinces ark. tropical storm earl is expected to continue weakening. and new zealand under a state of emergency after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rattled the east coast of the nation's southern and i laisland. no deaths reported, but two people treated for serious injuries. turn now to murfeesboro, tennessee, where federal investigators have determined that last week's fire at a mosque construction site was arson. the builders have hired a private security firm to protect the site. right now they don't have any suspects. president obama has vowed to reveal new plans to boost the economy, but a new poll shows
11:28 am
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we'll take the name. are we done with earl here in the u.s.? >> yeah, in some ways. still the rip currents to deal with. but in terms of what we would normally expect with a tropical system, yes, those systems -- symptoms will be gone for the most part. but we have beautiful beach conditions other than the rough stuff in the water. >> it's gorgeous now. >> and across the southeast, things will be nice. feels like college football weather, but we still have this storm to deal with.
11:32 am
you can just barely see this thing just really beginning to fizzle out as it makes its way over nova scotia. still bringing heavy rainfall to parts of nova scotia right back to the bay of fundi. wind speeds currently at 70 miles per hour, sustained stronger gusts up to 85 ch. but it will continue to weaken and by tomorrow morning if not by say even sooner, the storm may die out, become a depression and then off to history it will go. we do have video that was taken earlier that shows what they've been dealing with. it shows some of the waves, the wind flapping away the flags. some white caps out there on the water. it was certainly very rough off the carolina coast. ocean city, maryland had rough stuff. but all of that coming to a halt. now the big problem is going to be as we mentioned the rip currents. let's go right to the national maps as we do so. you can see the storm system lifting out, but a great deal of those waves pounding on the
11:33 am
eastern seaboard from maine southward to florida. conditions kind of strange in the water where it will look great, but you're going to have the threat of the rip currents where the water is pushed greatly toward the coast and what happens when you have these tropical systems, the water, of course, has to recede back in the ocean. sometimes it does so in a very quick pace, makes almost like a clan he will, and that's where you have your rip currents. but weather-wise in terms of your sky conditions, it will be absolutely beautiful out there. no question about that. the reason why is because this big area of high pressure which has a compressing effect on the atmosphere, almost like a dome, if up, and the result is going to be really beautiful. a lot of sunshine, very low humidity. not muggy at all. until you get down to parts of south and central florida where you have the stationery front. you've got some moisture coming in, the colliding sea breeze. that may give you a fee stray showers and storms, but for the most part, things should be picture perfect. temperatures, how are those going to be? is it going to be stifling?
11:34 am
no, not so much. atlanta, 82, 93 denver, 69 in san francisco, 88 los angeles, 108 in phoenix, houston with 91 and minneapolis into the upper 60s. that's a quick snap of your forecast. so much more ahead. >> appreciate it as always. we'll turn now to the economy. president obama plans to unveil new proposals next week. the midterm elections just two months away. the president is under increasing political pressure to speed up the economic recovery. the latest jobs report released yesterday shows businesses, the hiring picked up a bit in august, but a slightly higher unemployment rate, as well. 9.6% up from 9.5 in july. so what impact will the jobless rate have on the elections? here now paul steinhauser. >> good morning. it's arguably the most important number in politics right now. unplamt rate hovering just under 10% could spell trouble for the democrats when they tried to
11:35 am
hold on to their majority miscongress. the economy remains by far issue number one with american voters and jobs remains top economic issue. and it appears americans don't think barack obama is doing automatic that great. 40% of the people we questioned say they approve of how the president is handling the economy, but nearly six in ten saying they disapprove. that 40% is a new low for mr. obama p. and what about the crucial independent voters? two-thirds disapprove. mr. obama is not on the ballot in the november midterm elections, so why should this matter? here's why. the president and his party run the white house and congress, so the buck stops with them. and the republicans are trying to frame the midterms as a re p referendum the president and democrats have done on jobs. t.j.? >> all right. 35 past the hour. i've been trying to figure this out for years.
11:36 am
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let me give and you look at some of the stories that are making headlines. a special envoy sending out an urgent plea for aid for flood victim its there. more than 1700 people have died
11:40 am
in the flooding and about a million more are suffering with flood-related illnesses. also authorities say a fire at a construction site of a planned mosque in tennessee was deliberately set. lab results indicate accelerants were used to start and spread that fire. it destroyed an earth mover and three other vehicles. a $20,000 reward is being offered for more information leading to an arrest. also, nfl superstar quarterback ben roethlisberger was sus pinneded for six games. now it will be four. the quarterback was investigated earlier this year if allegation of sexual assault. he was cleared of criminal wrong doing. never charged. but the nfl slapped him with a six game suspension for what it called detrimental conduct. the league reduced the suspension by two games yesterday saying roethlisberger is keeping his commitment to make better decisions. i don't know if i have decided yet if i'm going to hang out in downtown atlanta this weekend.
11:41 am
alien, all kinds of weird things running around. why? it's called world's largest gathering of science fiction enthusiasts. it's attracting tree churs from a creatures from all corners. this is our producer, but you're kind of into this stuff. did you dress up when you went yesterday? >> when i said to people at the network that i thought we should cover this this weekend, i really think we need a presence, all they wanted to know is are you going dress up, are you cra crazy, right? this is a nerd convention. >> do they get offended by that? >> i don't think some of them really care. it's such a great escape. if if you think for two seconds, you know, we've got flooding in pakistan, the end of combat operations in iraq, a war in afghanistan, this is a chance where none of that matters for three days. you don't care, you go into your
11:42 am
fantasy world. i'm glad we found pictures we can actually show. but, yes, they get into it and have a good time doing it. did you ever want to be a movie star? >> still do. >> see? that's what these people are doing. they're living out their dreams for three days. how can that be bad? >> but who are these folks? are these professional people? are there people walking around this building that i have no idea is dressed up in this is this. >> so funny. they're doctors, police officers, lawyers. i met a coroner the other day. but, yes, people who have a n. a lot of cases 9:00 to 5:00 jobs but they're looking for an escape. a lot of people go to television dramas or sitcoms for that chance to escape and that's what they're doing. before you start to laugh and blow it off -- >> i'm learning. you're educating me. >> so one actress alone who
11:43 am
started her own webisode, not the most stunningly beautiful, her agent said that, but was having a hard time getting herself cast, so she started doing her own little science fiction world. and 1.7 million people follow her on twitter. 1.7 million. so i think at some point you have to turn away from the fact that these are all nerds and say, hey, they might be on to something. >> so what is the draw? the event is one thing, but what gets people into this world, those trekkies? what is it about science fiction that gets people going? >> such a great question. it's the world of escape. like i say, it's the world of escape. it's the chance that you don't have to worry about the mortgage this weekend and how much milk has gone up and whether or not the kids have what they need. you just forget about all of a. and the kids, there are a lot of kids out there, too. i don't know that this is the most appropriate for kids-h- >> because it can be risqué. >> it can be. but the kids come with their parents. we were over there the other day
11:44 am
and a 10-year-old girl and i thought, okay, that's different. >> what do they do exactly? is it just a big party? what are you doing? >> it's a big party. you go to panels. it all depends on how much you want to get into it. i just like it sit in the lobby and people watch. there are people who go to panel discussions, they meet up with their favorite -- i had continue we are lou ferrigno and gil girard. h is very fan friendly. >> how did you get to that dinner? >> we'll have to have that discussion at a -- but you just start talking to people. >> what did did you dress up as? >> i didn't dress up. other people are going to have to like throw suggestions because i'm a little shy about it. i'm still a closet. i enjoy watching, but just not brave enough. >> i'm glad you're here and, again, i'm learning. you guys are educating me more and more every year. >> i'll get you over there. >> i want to go just to check it out. if you ever get me in an out sit, you have done something
11:45 am
serious. >> i'll turn to something a little bit more familiar. a record breaking event in iowa. look at this. that's administer my speed. the hokey poky. we'll explain coming up next.
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11:47 am
11:48 am
♪ >> what's what it is all about. and a whole lot more. these folks take this pretty seriously. they broke the world record yesterday for the largest hokey pokey dance. the dance was held at the fryfest. that is a celebration that kicks off the football season named after the former coach who is 81 years old now. he struggled to get his foot
11:49 am
out. fredricka is here. >> i love that. >> do they do it at games? >> i haven't done it in a while but i'm sure somewhere it is still being done. >> good to see you again. >> good to see you too. seems like we don't work together enough. >> the summer is wrapping up. >> it is. it is sad i'm wearing the white bye-bye summer. >> last chance. >> i think that is the way it goes. i don't know if it is still adhered to, but i heard it again recently. so i wore the white today bye-bye summer so many rule. >> if you wheyou wear it again will jump all over you. we are going to try to break some of the rules today. we have our legal guys who are going with be it us. there is a so-called kill list.
11:50 am
cia has a kill list and man says his son was on it and he is launching a federal lawsuit. and on facebook, a suit involves the privacy that is either protected or perhaps not by facebook especially as it pertains to young kids. so our legal guys are going to delve into that. paris hilton got herself tointo little trouble. >> okay well our guy rz going to talk about what is next for her, what kind of charges and potential sentence is she facing. is there such a thing as being banned from vegas what will happen as it pertains to her? how does she find herself in the
11:51 am
spotlight. >> her last name is hilton -- i don't know. >> okay. oh, yeah and then there is that too. and of course noon hour one of our favorite guests this is her good-bye year 20 years as the artistic director, joining us to talk about an honor coming her way tuesday. michelle obama has invited her to the white house where her works will be honors. artists will be there and martin na along the way still playing tennis. triathl triathlon. she is just non-stop. she talks about that road. that, long road and how she is continuing to pump up awareness. >> she is the doubles champion.
11:52 am
girlfriend is rocking. >> amazing. >> she is 53 and still kicking on the court. >> all right. >> and everywhere else. kilamanjaro is also in her future can you believe it? >> coming up, got a secret to share with you. it is getting out about orber orberland college. one catch though, you need to live in town. we'll explain.
11:53 am
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11:56 am
>> paying for college can be difficult. in this economy seems like it is almost impossible. at a time when economic hardship is taking a toll on families everywhere, putting money aside for college almost seems like an american dream itself. universities and colleges are also feeling the financial strain. many schools are raising tuition and cutting back on scholarships and school programs to trim costs. but that's not the case with oberlin college, a liberal arts school in oberlin, ohio, just outside cleveland. in the past academic year they've awarded over $48 million in scholarships which comes from endowments, gifts and other sources. >> i don't have to wait to see the great things that will come out of this class.
11:57 am
in truth, we're already doing big things. >> reporter: in 2001, oberlin college developed a special scholarship just for students at the local high school. so any oberlin high school graduating senior who is accepted gets to go for free. tell me how much money are you saving by going to school right here in your hometown? >> with federal financial aid, it comes out to about $45,000 a year. so, yeah. >> that's what you are saving? >> uh-huh. >> so over four years, do the math. >> $180,000. >> 180 grand. >> yeah. >> that you will not have to deal with when you graduate. >> yeah. >> for some families this once in a lifetime opportunity means their children receive a college education that they otherwise couldn't afford, especially for families like the gilfeathers who have two sons attending oberlin college. >> i've been a successful homebuilder, developer, and the home building crisis devastated my business and i went bankrupt. so i couldn't have come at a better time for our family.
11:58 am
when you see it all slip away and you don't know if it could ever happen and then it's made possible, it's a gift. >> she couldn't get that anywhere else. so we're grateful for the scholarship, i am. >> me, too. i'm pretty sure i would have had to pay a lot of it. >> reporter: during the past academic year, oberlin college has awarded more than $3 million to qualifying oberlin high school students. recipients of the scholarship say it's a life-changing opportunity. >> the financial component isn't necessarily there. my parents don't make a tremendous amount of money and things like that. i feel like for me this is an opportunity that i have to take and i have to do well with because i don't have a mulligan, i can't do it over. >> reporter: with a great free opportunity right in their own backyard, why are some oberlin high school students opting to pay for college elsewhere? >> you know that it's going to
11:59 am
be difficult, you know that you're not going to be far away from home, and i say, yeah, that's true, but you're going to be maybe $100,000 in debt attend of this. i only have whatever room and board costs there were. >> i think like any student, the concern of coming to college in your neighborhood is the familiarity. and you may think that there's something better out there. >> reporter: oberlin college hopes to continue finding ways for students and families to attain the american dream of a college education without the financial burden. >> tremendous effect in terms of helping improve the schools, sends the message to kids. stay in school, if you excel you have this opportunity to a free ride to one of the best colleges in america. oberlin being rich in resources but rich in history as well. the city and school have ties

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